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A model of Trevithick's Dredging Engine. In 1806, following on from his 'Puffing Devil' in 1801 and the Penydarren Locomotive in 1804, Trevithick built a steam dredger for use on the River Thames using his 'strong steam' engine.  

This model is similar to the full size original engine on display at  the Kensington Science Museum and is designed to operate as a live steam model. It can also be operated by compressed air if you wish. 

Model Basic Specifications:

Operating Pressure: Less than 5psi
Bore: 18mm
Stroke: 38mm
Double Acting Cylinder
Overall Dimensions: 220mm long x 150mm wide x 310mm tall (to top of chimney)
Weight: 1.6Kg
Boiler Capacity max. 80ml.
Boiler Heating: Solid Fuel Tablets.
Scale: About 1:16

The kit requires no machining but the boiler does require some soft soldering. The two brass end caps need to be soldered into the brass boiler tube and two M6 nuts need to be soldered onto the boiler body. It should not be too difficult  to build by anyone with average tool skills. 

No machining or previous model engineering experience is necessary. Assembly should be easily within the scope of anyone familiar with the use of normal tools.

The tools required are: Small Vice, Small Hacksaw, Screwdriver, Pliers, Wire Cutters, Centre Punch, Hammer, Files, Drill and Drill Bits.  A solder torch is required to solder the Boiler.

The constructor will also need to screw, glue, saw, drill, file and cut various small, mainly brass, parts.

Kit Contents


Trevithick's Dredging Engine Kit Price: £255.00





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