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Steam Plant Kit

 This Steam Plant provides a source of steam power suitable for driving the Beam Type A and the Watt's Engines.
The steam output from the boiler can be regulated by means of a simple screw arrangement.

The Beam Type A in combination with this new Steam Plant is the replacement for our popular Beam Type S.

It uses solid fuel tablets in the Burner Tray to heat the water,

The Steam Plant kit is easier to assemble than the previous Steam Plant that came with the Beam Type S. The stainless steel stand is Laser cut to shape and requires no cutting or drilling to construct. It just needs folding and bolting together.

To complete the assembly, you will need to drill two 3mm holes in each of the Boiler Bands, one 1/8" and one 3/8"
hole in the Boiler Tube and one 3/8" hole in one of the Boiler End Caps.
The two End Caps then need soldering (with soft solder) into the Boiler Tube.
  Soldering two collets and one piece of 1/8" brass tube into the Boiler Assembly completes the metalwork required.

For those of you who do not wish to solder the Boiler together we are offering a pre-soldered option which means that all that you need to do to assemble the kit is to fold the base to shape and screw everything together.

Final decoration is up to you. You can if you wish, paint the stand and chimney assembly as in the picture or just paint the chimney assembly.

The hardwood plinth is the same size ( 160mm x 65mm x 28mm) as the Beam Type A plinth so the two fit together.

The overall height of the assembled model is 130mm.


Kit Contents

The Beam Type A and Steam Plant Combination
Please note that the Steam Plant and the Beam Type A need to be purchased separately


The new Beam A and Steam Plant kits are now available

Unsoldered Steam Plant Kit Price: 53.00 


Pre-soldered Steam Plant Kit Price: 80.00 




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